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The Cartridge Connector is used for the transfer of sterile solutions from one sealed container into a second sealed container and provides a reservoir for collecting excess solution displaced from the second sealed container during the transfer process. The Onset Cartridge Connector may be used with the Onset Mixing Pen.

How It Works
The Cartridge Connector has a sterile transfer tube that creates a fluid path between the two containers and is designed to allow the solution from the first container to be delivered via the transfer tube into the second container, where it mixes with the fluid in the second container. Simultaneously, fluid is displaced from the second container into the Fluid Reservoir.

Indication For Use
The Cartridge Connector is a sterile, disposable, device for transfer of fluids and collection of displaced fluids into a reservoir.

Product Info
The Cartridge Connector is supplied sterile, individually packaged, 4 per box.
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