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Introductory Order


We have made it simple and easy to try the Onset Buffering System in your practice, so you can see for yourself how Onset can make your local anesthetic better and more predictable.


The Onset Introductory Order comes with everything you need to try buffering, including one Onset Mixing Pen, and a one-month supply of Onset Sodium Bicarbonate buffering solution and Cartridge Connectors.

Introductory Order Includes

One Onset Mixing Pen:

 The Mixing Pen is a high-precision dispensing device used to mix two solutions together. It is a one-time capital expense and comes with an 18 month warranty.


One 4-pack of Onset Sodium Bicarbonate Inj. 8.4% USP Neutralizing Additive Solution:

Onset Sodium Bicarbonate raises the pH of local anesthetics, resulting in over 8,000 times more of the active form of the anesthetic at the time of injection. Each cartridge of Sodium Bicarbonate will buffer up to 20 injections with the local anesthetic of choice, or approximately 80 injections per 4-pack.


 One 4-pack of Onset Cartridge Connectors:

The Onset Cartridge Connector is used for the transfer of sterile solutions from one sealed container into a second sealed container. Each Cartridge Connector is to be used in conjunction with a cartridge of Sodium Bicarbonate.


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