How Onset Works - Simple as 1-2-3


The Onset Mixing Pen makes it easy to load your cartridge of local anesthetic and buffer it towards neutral pH in approximately 3 seconds.

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Once your cartridge of local anesthetic is buffered, remove it from the Onset Mixing Pen and load it into your syringe for immediate injection.

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Using your syringe and your technique, administer the buffered cartridge of local anesthetic to your patient within one minute of buffering for best results.

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Why Onset Works

After injection, the body must raise the pH of the local anesthetic towards physiologic (~7.4) before the patient can achieve pulpal anesthesia. Standard dental cartridges take time and keep you, your staff and patients waiting while the body works to raise the pH towards physiologic.

Buffering raises the pH of local anesthetic closer to physiological, making your local anesthetic of choice better and more predictable. Onset lets you buffer cartridges of local anesthetic at chair side immediately before delivering the injection, making buffering simple, convenient and predictable.

A more predictable injection

Use Your Own Local Anesthetic

Onset can be used to buffer standard dental cartridges of articaine, lidocaine, mepivacaine, and prilocaine. It only takes seconds to buffer the local anesthetic of your choice with our Onset Mixing Pen!

Use Your Own Syringe

With Onset, there’s no need to change your syringe or learn a new injection protocol. Once buffered with our Onset Mixing Pen, you place the local anesthetic cartridge in your own syringe and give the injection using your own injection technique.

2020 Onset Buffering System Evaluation

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"Improves efficiency,  reduces stress, and keeps patients in the office for the shortest amount of time."

Dwight Simpson, DDS, Jackson, CA

"The [reduced] .09mL dosage doubles the number of injections per cartridge."

David Jones, DDS Council Bluffs, IA

The Key to Local Anesthetics

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